Sending the results of Google Forms to Discord

2 minute read

Sending the results of a Google form right to a Discord channel is easy and free; all it takes is a bit of setup! Here is an overview of how to get started:

1. Create a Google form

  • For ease of editing the script later, it is recommended that the first question in the form ask for the user’s Discord ID.
  • Make sure to utilize optional questions when possible, as the script can detect when answers are blank and avoid wasting space in the message sent to Discord.

2. Open the Script Editor

  • Go to the ‘Responses’ tab
  • Select ‘View in Google Sheets’
  • In sheets, select Tools > Script editor

3. Paste the following script:

// Instructions:                                                          //
// 1. Modify the webhook url and other variables below to suit your needs //
// 2. In the drop-down above, select 'initialize' and then run            //
// 3. Fill out your google form to see if it works                        //
// 4. Repeat step 2 any time you modify anything in this file             //
//                                                                        //
// Copyright 2020 jagrosh  |  Apache 2.0 License                          //

// this should be set to the URL that you want the form to post to
var webhook = "" 

// specify which columns (0 = A) to exclude from the full responses list
var skip = [0, 1]

// specify the content to appear above the embed (this example assumes column A is a timestamp and B is a user ID
function content(headers,values) { return "Form submitted by `" + values[1].replace(/`/gi,"'") + " ` at `" + values[0] +"`:" }


// run this once after making a change to the script
function initialize() {
  var triggers = ScriptApp.getProjectTriggers();
  for (var t in triggers) {

// create and send the data from the row to discord
function sendToDiscordWebhook(row) {
  var payload = JSON.stringify(constructPayload(row.values));
  var options = {
    "method": "post",
    "contentType": "application/json",
    "payload": payload
  var response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(webhook, options);

// construct the content from the values
function constructPayload(values) {
  var headers = getColumnNames();
  var fields = [];
  for(var i = 0; i < headers.length; i++) {
    if(skip.indexOf(i)!=-1 || !(values[i]))
    fields.push({ "name": headers[i], "value": values[i], "inline": false });
  return { "content": content(headers,values), "embeds": [{ "fields": fields }] };

// get column names from the spreadsheet
function getColumnNames() {
  var sheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSheet();
  var headerRow = sheet.getRange("1:1");
  var headerRowValues = headerRow.getValues()[0];
  return headerRowValues;

// Copyright 2020 jagrosh

4. Create a webhook in the Discord channel you want the form results sent to

  • This can be found by opening the channel settings (⚙ icon) and going to Webhooks.

5. Modify the specified values in the script

  • Copy the webhook URL from the webhook you created into the script, replacing the example url.
  • Modify the skipped questions and output format, if desired.

6. Initialize the script

  • Select ‘initialize’ from the drop-down menu titled ‘select function’
  • Click the ‘Run’ button (Triangular “play” button)

7. Test the form

  • Fill out and submit the form. The results should get relayed to the Discord channel.