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Bot Development Stagnation

5 minute read

Over the past few months, development of my bots has nearly come to a standstill. Even the changes that have been made have mostly been performance or scalin...

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Bot Concept: Accurate Leveling

10 minute read

Motivation I’ve discussed it before, but I’m not a big fan of bots that give “levels” or “experience” for sending messages. The most common way of handling t...

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Vortex 2.0

2 minute read

Welp. It’s finally here. A few months ago I decided to rewrite (or, mostly rewrite) my Discord moderation bot, Vortex. It wasn’t so much that there was anyt...

Creating and Growing a Discord Server

12 minute read

This guide is kept up-to-date as Discord and available resources change! Creating and Growing a Discord Server Introduction Hello! I’m jagrosh#4824! I...

Hello World!

less than 1 minute read

Hey there! Thanks for reading what I have to say.

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